Heating systems

boiler installer in exeterIn a typical UK household, more than half the money spent on fuel bills goes towards providing heating and hot water. As fuel costs rise, having an efficient and cost effective heating system is vital to helping to reduce your fuel bills and reduce carbon emissions.

Most heating systems are either oil or gas fired (mains gas and LPG) and in some cases can be electric. They are usually one of the following types:

Combination (combi) boiler – Provides your heating via your radiators and heats your hot water instantaneously so you never run out.

System boiler – Heats your radiators to warm your house and keeps a thermal store of hot water either in a vented or unvented cylinder for you to use throughout your house. Most cylinders also have an electric immersion heater just in case your boiler fails ensuring that you still have a source of hot water even if your boiler fails.

Replacement boilers and heating systems

RadiatorIsca Heating and Plumbing Ltd have been fitting efficient heating systems since the early 1990’s and so are best placed to recommend a replacement system that is most suitable to your needs.

Should your boiler fail, we can repair it or replace it with a high efficiency model. We can also replace and upgrade your heating controls both in terms of thermostats, radiator valves and timers ensuring that your heating and hot water systems work for you and cost you less to run.

We fit most makes of boilers but we recommend either Valiant , Worcester Bosch , Ideal , Glowwarm or Baxi as they have all proved to be reliable, and offer good value for money for the consumer.

Baxi boilers Glowworm boilers Vaillant boilers Worcester Bosch boilers Ideal boilers

Smart controls

Smart controlsSmart controls allow you to control your heating remotely, whether that is from the comfort of your sofa or from another place away from your house completely. They often require an internet connection and household wifi system which then allows you to control your heating from an App on your smartphone or tablet device. The benefit of this is that if you forget to turn your heating off or down low before you go on holiday, you can do this remotely from anywhere in the world that you have an internet connection. You can also then turn the heating back on before you arrive home so that you are not walking back into a cold house.

Cookers and gas fires

Gas firesAs well as heating systems, we are also registered fitters of gas cookers and range style cookers and also of gas fires and heaters. So if you are having a new kitchen fitted and either want your cooker removed or replaced or maybe you would like to have a new feature fire place fitted, then please get in touch.