Disability wetrooms

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Wet rooms are ideal solutions for those people with limited mobility, whether that is through old age or a limiting condition which means that they cannot get in and out of the bath easily or need assistance with bathing. Some domestic shower cubicles can be too high which means that getting in and out can be difficult and fraught with risk.

Peace of mind

At Isca we are experienced at bathroom adaptations – turning your bathroom into a wet-room. Wetrooms allow the user to enter into the shower area without a threshold to negotiate, meaning that the risks of falling or tripping are greatly reduced. This also means that in some circumstances the user can shower and bathe themselves without assistance, which may not have been possible with a regular bath or standard shower cubicle.

Disabled wetroomSafety is our number one priority and our wetrooms are designed to be less confined, giving more room to maneuver and generally more space both for the user and carer where necessary – ideal if you need to have a shower seat or other equipment installed. With the addition of grab rails and drop-down rails, users can negotiate the room more easily and have more confidence that they will be able to stabilise themselves should they feel unsteady on their feet. With the use of non-slip flooring, weight bearing grab rails, thermostatically controlled showers and contrasting colour-schemes, we are confident that our wet rooms are safe and will give more independence and a greater confidence for all users.

Disabled facilities grants (DFG’s)

If you are due to have a wetroom fitted by your local council under the Disabled Facilities Grant scheme, then as council approved installers, we would be delighted to offer a competitive quotation. The grant may pay for all or a proportion of the cost of the bathroom adaptation meaning that it becomes more affordable to you.

In some instances, clients are allowed by the council to choose a company of their choice to install the wetroom and as such, let us be your installers of choice. Should you be unsuccessful in receiving a grant to pay for your bathroom adaptations, then we also install wetrooms privately and as such, we would be happy to pass on our council-agreed prices to ensure that your wetroom installation is as affordable as possible. Why not get in touch so that we can discuss your requirements?

Lifetime homes

Many people are worried that fitting a wetroom into their bathroom will detract from the value of their property or make it undesirable, should they want to sell their home in the future. With our new bath adapter it is now possible to re-instate the bath on top of the wetfloor shower area, thus negating the need for major alterations and retaining the ability to easily change the bathroom back at a later stage, should this be needed.

Free design service

We can visit you, at your convenience, to survey your existing bathroom, discuss the various shower options and to design your new wetroom adaptation. Why not get in touch to arrange a visit by one of our friendly surveyors for a non-pressured consultation and free design service.

Our credentials

We have been fitting wetfloor showers for local councils, housing associations, Home Improvement Agencies and private clients for over 25 years and as such we are the best choice when it comes to deciding who to employ. We currently work for Teignbridge Council, East Devon District Council and Mid-Devon District Council and therefore we would be happy for you to contact them for references and you can also see our testimonials page and photos of wetrooms that we have previous installed for our clients in our portfolio gallery.

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