Luxury wetrooms

Showering with style with Luxury wet rooms

Luxury wetroomWetroom showers are becoming more and more popular today and with modern materials, they are more desirable and affordable than ever before. They offer a wealth of luxury that you do not get with a standard shower cubicle, with the space and clean lines that you would only get with a wet floor shower room.

We have access to all major manufacturers of tiles, showers, screens and sanitary-ware so let your imagination run wild and let us help you to design the bathroom that you have always wanted.

Give your bathroom a contemporary feel, with ceramic, stone, porcelain or mosaic tiles, a sleek shower screen and minimalistic fixtures and fittings. Wetrooms have the added bonus that they are simple to keep clean and can be used by all members of the family for an indulgent showering experience.

Luxury wetroom with curved shower screenSafety

Wetfloor showers are perfect if you have children or elderly family members alike. As the walls and floor are completely water tight, the kids can splash and make as much mess as they want, with you safe in the knowledge that they cannot leak. Access to the shower area is level which also means that there are no steps to trip up, making accidents less likely. We also fit thermostatically controlled showers as standard to ensure that you and your family do not run the risk of being scalded by water that is too hot (typically above 40°C).

Peace of mind

We can convert any bathroom into a walk-in shower or wetroom and the shower area can be relatively small or cover the majority of the room, depending on what you have in mind. Gone are the risks that were inherently linked to wet rooms – with modern wetfloor shower trays and tanking materials, they are guaranteed not to leak.

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